"I’ve been taking Synaptaid for three months and it has been a positive and energising experience for me. The most noticeable change has been an improvement in my ability to get the more challenging tasks done to a higher quality and in a shorter period of time. For example, I feel more mentally energised and confident in my ability to write complicated reports to a higher standard. Clear and sharper sentences are flowing from my head with greater ease, as I concentrate and focus on the detail more effectively. I am actually enjoying producing these reports again.

I’ve also noticed that I am completing the daily crossword more often and more quickly. I was aware that my abilities in this type of challenge had declined over the last year or so, which was a mild source of frustration. Now I complete the crossword every day and my sense is that Synaptaid has sharpened my recall, as well as improved my ability to concentrate. I wonder if Synaptaid is turning the clock back on my brain? It feels like it to me."


age 59




"I've been using Synaptaid for 6 weeks and I've definitely noticed increased clarity in my thinking and greater focus and attention too. This has resulted in improved performance and productivity and I know I'm getting more done at a higher level of quality. I've recommended Synaptaid to a couple of friends and they've experienced similar benefits too."



age 44